Orville Redenbacher’s Microwave popcorn- FLAMMABLE?

Is it possible for microwave popcorn to catch on fire in you microwave?

It almost happened to me, I bought Redenbacher’s microwave popcorn, and noticed smoke coming out of the microwave after only about one minute. I took the bag out, and a wave of burned oil and smoke puffed out of the microwave. I grabbed the bag and I burned my hand, it was so frickin hot.

I attempted to reach the Redenbacher customer service email, although a phone number was listed it was late Saturday night, and I didn’t want to be left on hold and transferred. I waited two days for an answer and no response.

I investigated the bags that were un-opened and found out that when I opened the plastic, the bag was covered in oil, leaking from the bottom of the bag. My daughter had noticed this earlier on another box and threw them away so I bought another ten-pack box of popcorn, (Isn’t that what Dad’s are supposed to do?) Well after she told me I was upset, not at her but Redenbacher. I spend extra money on “Gourmet Popcorn” and I expect the best for the extra price, I also assume they use very accurate quality control methods. 


My daughter didn’t think it was a big deal, she opened up the plastic, said “Ewh”, and then threw it away, After several “Ewhs”, she just switched to a new brand. I on the other hand spent buckoo bucks on this popcorn and did not just want to throw it away. So I tried to cook it, which almost caught on fire and burned me, and that was stopping it half-way during the cooking process. Imagine if I had let it cook the whole time?

So anyways, I thought I should notify Redenbacher again, since they have not acknowledged my product complaint, with all of the batch numbers and serial numbers needed to identify the source.

Guess What? They still have not notified me, are they waiting for a little kid to get burned, or a fire to burn down a kitchen while the parents are sleeping and the kids are eating late night popcorn?

ConAgra, another big corporate giant is behind this, they really do not care a lick about one customer do they. It takes a tragic accident to get there attention.

About 5 days later:

Con Agra responded to my inquiry and apologized for the inconvience, and said they would mail me out some coupons to appease me for the problem. I recieved 50 cents!, I threw away two 10 pack boxes of flammable popcorn and they gave me 50 cents. That doesn’t even cover the cost of one bag of popcorn, or the time that I spent writing to Orville Redenbacher to notify them of their problem.
Corporate companies like ConAgra, are like here’s two quarters, call someone who cares.


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